Team members
Travelling with us on tour is:

Linnéa Carell

Linnéa was born 1985 in Oslo, Norway, and has been a musician ever since the day her father put a cello in her hands - Linnéa being only three years old at this point. After turning 9 years old she also started to play the trombone and at the age of 12 she had her debut in Karlskoga Symphony Orchestra.

In 1990 Linnéa and her family moved to Karlskoga, Sweden, and her 2nd home has always been the music school where her father worked as a violin teacher.

During high school Linnéa decided to be a sound engineer and after upper secondary school she went to the Academy of Music in Piteå Sweden.

In 2004 she became a certified sound engineer and started to work part time with different acts.

As of 2008 she started her own company, went on her first tour and two years later she began working full time in the sound-engineering business and has been doing that ever since.

Linnea started working as The Real Group's sound engineer in the summer of 2015 and during the intense schedule of the 30th anniversary tour she quickly became familiar with the group and their distinctive sound.

Linnea has worked with many Swedish artists such as Detektivbyrån, Crucified Barbara, Daniel Adams-Ray, Veronica Maggio, Miss Lee, Top Cats &, and Molly Sandén.

When there is a gap in the schedule, Linnea likes to be with her family in Stockholm and visit her friends. She also writes and arranges music of her own in her spare time.

Helena Roos

Helena started as an assistant at The Real Group Festival in 2012 and continued working as an intern and project assistant while she finished her university education in Experience production at Luleå Tekniska universitet in 2013. She is now working full time as a manager since 2014. Helena feels more comfortable off stage nowadays, but has the experience of being a singer on stage in several performances with her local music school in Värnamo, Sweden, where she grew up.
In 1997 she toured the world with Up With People where she shared the stage with 150 people from 24 different countries at the same time, did community service in Europe and North America and stayed with 60 hostfamilies during one year. A memorable moment from the year was performing on the stairs in front of the St Peter's church in Rome, singing a song in Polish, while the Pope John Paul II being present.

We are so very fortunate to have teams all over the world working with us and helping us reach old and new audiences. To mention everybody would take forever both to write down and for you to read. We've had amazing managers, tech staff and teams behind and around us in the past too, so writing "previous team members" would also take forever. Some are mentioned on the covers of our cds and some remain "secret angels". We are however really happy to have you in our lives!

The Real Group