Dear fans of THE REAL GROUP
In 2015 we will celebrate our 30th anniversary!
Can you believe it?
For three decades we have been singing for countless wonderful audiences all around the world, giving us so many fond memories that we still enjoy to this day. When we sat down to plan our anniversary we decided to give ourselves the best present we could wish for; to actually make a trip around the world and revisit as many of you as possible. We have booked a series of concerts covering Europe, North America, Asia and perhaps other continents as well. It would be impossible to fit every single city into this tour plan (which already involves more than 100 gigs) so through our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we will also celebrate by regularly sharing stories, video clips, photos or recordings from the last 30 years. So even if we are not fortunate enough to have you in the seats for one of our shows, we hope to connect with you through the other media.

Right now we are just wrapping up an ‘Anniversary album’ that will be released early in 2015, including songs from the past as well as a handful of new ones. It will be available at all of our concerts and digitally distributed world-wide.

The anniversary tour will also mark the last year for Anders Jalkéus who has been the bass singer of the group since its inception. This year will be your chance to say ‘hi’ to him and I'm sure you will have extra fun when we share photos and videos from the early years!

Looking forward to seeing you in 2015.

Emma, Katarina, Anders, Morten and Anders.